Savior’s Day

Kirkus Review: Best Book Selection 2013
Savior’s Day is a work of fiction taken out of today’s headlines. Cardinal Arnold Ford, head of the Archdiocese of New York, witnesses a murder on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. With the old man’s dying breath, he hands the Cardinal a sliver of ancient parchment to keep and protect. What follows is a tale woven from an open case that Israel’s vaunted spy agency, the Mossad, is afraid to solve. What do they fear? How can the lost pages of an ancient treasure threaten the very existence of the State of Israel? Honorable Mention: Fiction 2015 New York Book Festival

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“An ancient text contains a shattering truth in this apocalyptic thriller.” — KIRKUS REVIEW
“Winter’s (Someone Else’s Son, 2013) tense, tightly plotted novel opens with an exceptionally effective dramatic hook …” — KIRKUS REVIEW
“The complicated plot resembles a pair of interlocking spirals, with Detective Thompkins’s revelations taking readers steadily further back in time and the gunmen’s parallel back stories bringing readers forward to the moment of the shooting.” — KIRKUS REVIEW
“Winter’s command of his historical material is impressive, as is his skill at shaping his characters.” — KIRKUS REVIEW
“… Ford and Thompkins, whose unfolding relationship is the best thing in the book.” — KIRKUS REVIEW
“The textual mystery of the codex will please Dan Brown fans, and its execution is a significant step above that in The Da Vinci Code (2003).” — KIRKUS REVIEW
“A thrilling, satisfying and multilayered adventure story.” — KIRKUS REVIEW


  • The New York State Dental Journal

    The Dentist and the Novelist

    Nine years into his career as a periodontist, Alan A. Winter decided he'd also like to try his hand at writing fiction. He began with a movie script with a science fiction motif and ended up 31 years later with three, soon to be four, published novels... For Winter, who does the bulk of his research on the weekend, having time to pursue his career as an author is only part of the equation. Patience and perseverance help too. His latest novel, "Savior's Day", a suspense thriller that came out at the end of may, was percolating in his head for more than 40 years. He said it took him that long to figure out how to craft the components of what is a true story about an ancient bible that went missing for years into a modern fictional whodunit. READ MORE

  • Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | July 2013

    Periodontist, implantologist, entrepreneur -- and novelist

    Alan Winter, DDS, FACD, always wanted to be a dentist. But throughout his 30-plus-year career he hasn't let that get in the way of his love for history and writing. Instead of taking a more traditional route and pursuing a biological sciences degree prior to dental school, Winter earned a history degree, graduating from Rutgers with honors and earning a fellowship nomination.

    ...And in June, his third novel, "Savior's Day," was published. The suspense thriller, rooted in historical fact, is available through major booksellers, including, where it can be bought as a hardback, paperback or e-book. READ MORE

  • The New York State Dental Journal

    Former Resident Continues Dual Career as Periodontist and Novelist

    Winter, following the cardinal rule of "write what you know," had set his novel in Livingston and laced it throughout with autobiographical elements. His next novel, Snowflakes in the Sahara, was a suspense thriller that came out in September, 2000 that featured as a protagonist a forensic dentist named Carly Mason. Now, 13 years later, he has just published his third novel, Savior's Day. Winter's book interweaves fact and fiction in tracing the Codex of Aleppo, the oldest Bible ever written, through 1,000 years of history. READ MORE

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  • Kirkus Review

    An ancient text contains a shattering truth in this apocalyptic thriller.

    Winter's (Someone Else's Son, 2013) tense, tightly plotted novel opens with an exceptionally effective dramatic hook: Two men - one Christian, one Muslim - perch in hidden spots on rooftops above Jerusalem's Western Wall, patiently waiting for an elaborate ceremony to start. It's a ceremony that has the attention of the entire world, as the pope, the U.S. president, and the leaders of Israel and Palestine plan to handle an ancient biblical text, the Codex of Aleppo, in a symbolic gesture of peace. READ MORE

  • Publisher's Weekly

    This engaging thriller from Winter (Someone Else's Son) centers on the Codex of Aleppo, a missing book of the Bible that contains every word spoken by God to man. READ MORE

  • Foreword Reviews

    Alan A. Winter has crafted a fast-paced and fascinating tale of religious and political conflict in which human motives are revealed and examined.

    Assassins train their eyes on the pope while other religious leaders secretly scour the planet for missing pieces of a historical document that could change Israel - and the world - forever in Savior's Day. Author Alan A. Winter brings both his ear for dialogue and insight into human motivation to this high-tension thriller. READ MORE