Snowflakes in the Sahara

Set in the backdrop of the ever-worsening global warming, Snowflakes in the Sahara is the story of a Svengali-like mind-manipulator (Lute Aurum) who teams up with an American Business icon (Jeremy Steel) to take over the White House. When their puppet is installed as president, Aurum and Steel are poised to pull off the greatest heist in history: Canada. And they almost pull it off, if it weren’t for Carly Mason, the Big Apple’s tooth sleuth…A Kay Scarpetta-like forensic dentist.

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One terrible day, two disasters strike America at the same time: the president’s helicopter carrying him to Camp David crashes, and a bomb explodes in Rockefeller Center, leaving three bodies unidentified. Carly is by turns tough hand inquisitive, clever and cunning. She will need all her skills to discover the victims’ names. As she gets closer to the truth, a killer is dispatched to silence her. What follows is a gripping tale of heroism against all odds. What’s frightening is that”Snowflakes in the Sahara” is a tale that is only a presidential election away.

Rare Snow Covers the Sahara Desert



  • Gripping narratives with sharp details!!

    I really love reading the books by Alan Winter.... Written very articulately, moves quickly and with great suspense. Finished 3 out of 4 books so far. I hear he's about to publish a 5th. Can't wait!

  • Best Story Teller
  • Awesome from start to finish!

    Alan Winter has formulated a masterpiece thriller. He weaves government intrigue, the cult underworld, and medical science into a page-turner that never lets up. The characters are all too real. The story is all too real. I can't wait for the movie!

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The dental forensics used by the medical examiners to ascertain identity, etc., was informative. It's a page turner! -- Saul Katz - Lenox Hill Book Store, New York City

Clever Novel!

A clever novel that you can't help but sink your literary teeth into... -- Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAAFS - Deputy Chief Forensic Dentist Office of Chief Medical Examiner

Sinister Ingredients

Mixes the sinister ingredients of global warming and an oh-so-American wish for a quick-fix...whose character goes unexamined. -- Susan Hall - author and filmmaker